We built the lodge La Misión Moconá with the intention of providing you an exceptional place for your rest. In this incomparable place, we are where we want to be, surrounded by the always fascinating and amazing Mother Nature.

At the banks of the Uruguay River and near the Moconá Falls, you can find La Misión Moconá on 30 hectares of land; it is a unique place to experience nature with all its magic and splendor.

It is possible to sunbathe and admire the landscape from the viewing points at the banks of the Uruguay River.

The resort has three pools with different levels in order to enjoy the landscapes, sun and nature.
At our bank, you can embark on a craft to directly visit the Moconá Falls (Prior reservation required).

At the House you can take pleasure in a magical and warm place, where we provide food service and board games to entertain yourselves, and in winter you can delight in the warmth of a hearth.

(011) 15 3415-0500 / (011) 15 56548388
Provincial Route 2 KM 36 – Colonia Paraíso – Saltos del Moconá - Misiones – Argentina

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